Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Write about something that Bothered you this week

this is a perfect prompt for this week as i have had one of the worst weeks in a long time. To start off, i have woken up at 6 every morning, doesn't matter what time i go to sleep or anything. I have somehow lost my hat that i have worn just about every day for 3 years. Monday i forgot my work keys and had to drive all the way back home from school to get them, that took 50 minutes out of my day. I also forgot to pickup my dinner which ment i was stuck hungry at work for my shift. Tuesday again woke up at 6 still couldn't find my hat, and my car shutsoff as i'm driving on a round about, it's done it before and it has cost me a couple hundred to get it fixed. So i had to borrow my parents jeep. work was pretty boring, i got loads of papers to copy now. I then had to wait around wall mart for an hour for my dad to get off work so i could take him home. Today i still can't find my hat and i walked out of the house without my phone. I also have a friend who is supporting my Dr Who addiction by getting me the episodes of this season as they air; this week he has forgotten to bring them since monday. To top it all off, since Monday i have had a sense of Depression that i can't seem to fight off, i just feel like curling up and crying yet i can't seem to do it, i can't find anything to change it and my friends seem to have dissapeared as the depression set in and i am having trouble talking to people. I just want all the little things in my life to go away, they just seem to pile up and pile up. I'm also having to find a new job for the summer so i can make money this summer. I just wanna scream so bad!!!!!!

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