Wednesday, July 28, 2010

how i'm feeling

I've been played too many times by women, whether they tell me they love me and yet can't be with me or stringing me along telling me how much they like me and then suddenly stop talking to me. I've been in several relationships and each one taking a little bit of my heart from me. I have a song called Macbeth and yes, it is about the play. i was listening to it today and i came to the realization that i am becoming more and more like Macbeth. The lyrics go,

"So Macbeth became quite callous, he had nothing left but malice and he couldn't show emotions like compassion joy or sorrow. When he heard his wife had died, he just said I would have cried and if it had been tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Though all his pals had left him he felt safe in Dunsinane, and he passed the time by putting armor on and off again."

The more i get treated like shit by women, the more i feel like i lose emotions, and I start becoming introverted and begin to armor myself against women, only to have one come in and force me to remove it before she slides the dagger into my chest.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Starcraft 2!!!!!!

Ok so, Starcraft 2 just came out and i want to play it! I have saved up a little money and am looking at geting a new game to play. I love real time strategy games and this is supose to be a really good one. I'm just not sure if it justifies buying the game for $59.99 i want something to play that i can play with friends as some of my friends are going to be moving away. i don't know what to do!!!! oh decisions decisions

Monday, July 19, 2010

empty shell

i feel like an empty shell right now, it's been a rough few weeks and i'm tired. I've tried as usual to put on a mask and show the world that nothing is wrong, but the mask is heavy. It keeps getting harder and harder to hold it in place. Switching rooms helped it for a little while because it gave me a focus, but now the focus is gone and i have started thinkingabout life. It's hard dealing with women, the more i care for them the more they seem to walk away. I guess it's my fault but i don't know how to fix it. I'm nice, i act laid back most of the time and i'm pretty good at making them think i'm calm and collected. i just wish i knew what they were thinking, i'm a nice guy, so why is it i get the run around?

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

classes for fall!!!

So lets see, i have a fundamentals of terrorism class taught by my old boss and math 130. Not sure what else i should go for this semester, i don't want to cram my schedule full of hard classes and i know i will be struggling in math, the terrorism class should be fun and a little labor iontensive. I know we will be going over the mid east and that is an area i only know a little about, mainly the crusades. we will also be touching base on the IRA (YAY!!!!) i know quite a bit about the IRA so hopefully i will do good in that department. we will have a term paper on a terrorist group of our choice, i'm deffinatly going to go for the IRA. other than that i'm not sure what we will be working or what the main goal of the paper is going to be. i thnk i might want to hit up a humanities class since i need some to graduate, maybe a public speaking one??? not sure and i'm deffinatly open to ideas!!!!!

Monday, July 12, 2010

I've got my room done!!!!

I'm done! me and my friend bekah painted the entire thing wensday and i have just finished moving all the heavy stuff. I have 3 desks all along two walls in a U shape, i tried to design it as best i could for networking multiple computers together. I hope this will allow my friends to come over and we can LAN and play some video games! I moved my bed into the loft area and have made a nice little reading area and a place to hold all of my guns and swords! i have been sleeping up there since thursday and it has been a blast!!! i can't wait to be 100% moved in

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


I have finished painting the new room, it's an awesome shade of green called Irish Paddock!!! i love it and can't wait to get off work and go home so i can start hanging all my posters and flags up!!!!

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New Room!

So i'm moving into a new room at my house. It's the upstairs section and doesn't get much air or heat so i have to have a portable AC unit and heater for it. i still love it though, it's bigger than my old room and it has a loft area for my bed and all my reading stuff. I'm so excited to be moving! I'm also painting the room, it's going to be green, the shade is "Irish Paddock"! i think it looks really cool and can't wait to get it done!!!