Wednesday, July 14, 2010

classes for fall!!!

So lets see, i have a fundamentals of terrorism class taught by my old boss and math 130. Not sure what else i should go for this semester, i don't want to cram my schedule full of hard classes and i know i will be struggling in math, the terrorism class should be fun and a little labor iontensive. I know we will be going over the mid east and that is an area i only know a little about, mainly the crusades. we will also be touching base on the IRA (YAY!!!!) i know quite a bit about the IRA so hopefully i will do good in that department. we will have a term paper on a terrorist group of our choice, i'm deffinatly going to go for the IRA. other than that i'm not sure what we will be working or what the main goal of the paper is going to be. i thnk i might want to hit up a humanities class since i need some to graduate, maybe a public speaking one??? not sure and i'm deffinatly open to ideas!!!!!

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