Wednesday, July 28, 2010

how i'm feeling

I've been played too many times by women, whether they tell me they love me and yet can't be with me or stringing me along telling me how much they like me and then suddenly stop talking to me. I've been in several relationships and each one taking a little bit of my heart from me. I have a song called Macbeth and yes, it is about the play. i was listening to it today and i came to the realization that i am becoming more and more like Macbeth. The lyrics go,

"So Macbeth became quite callous, he had nothing left but malice and he couldn't show emotions like compassion joy or sorrow. When he heard his wife had died, he just said I would have cried and if it had been tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow. Though all his pals had left him he felt safe in Dunsinane, and he passed the time by putting armor on and off again."

The more i get treated like shit by women, the more i feel like i lose emotions, and I start becoming introverted and begin to armor myself against women, only to have one come in and force me to remove it before she slides the dagger into my chest.

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