Thursday, June 10, 2010

little bit of Irish history

Ok, i'm kinda bored at work and in between writing prompts, so i've decided to give everyone who reads this a little bit of Irish history. Lets talk about the divide on Ireland. Most people believe that the division comes because of hatred between the two main religous groups, the Catholics and the Protestants. Although the religions do play a role, they are not the driving force between the groups. The reason that religion came to mark the division was that the English who claimed Ireland were part of the church of England. When England became protestant, Ireland did not follow suit. As England began to use the process of Plantation, the moving of english settlers onto land stolen from the native Irish, they established a division based on socia economics; this ment that the native Irish were held under a foreign power. These foreigners for the most part were Anglicans and scotch presbyterian. As they grew in power, they began to make laws to crush and subjugate the Catholic population. Most of this was done fearing an uprising from the majority Catholic population. Since then, they have been fearful of letting go of power because they believe that under catholic leadership they would be subject to the same laws they put on catholics. When Ireland became a republic, England decided to partition the land in which the majority of Unionist, those who want Ireland to remain a part of England. This went on to further the divide between the groups as the republic felt that all of Ireland should be counted in the decision to become a republic. This created the two political identities of the Unionist and the Nationalists, and it is this reason that there is fighting going on over there.

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