Monday, June 28, 2010

More History

Ok so most everyone has seen the movie Braveheart, i like the movie despite it's historical inaccuracies. There was a war in Scotland against the English and yes, Robert the bruce did play a part, in fact him and his brother also played a role in a rebellion in Ireland. Edward the the Bruce, brother to Robert led an army of around 6000 guys into Ireland to help drive out the Englich. This grand Gaelic alliance wwas to free both Ireland and Scotland and bring the too together as allies. The only problem was that it was an ill planned foray with no thought to supplies. The army , despite huge success in battle ran out of food and had to resort to stealing from the Irish public. To make matter worse after a couple of years a famine broke out and the food supply dwindled even more. the icing on the cake came as the army of Robert the Bruce came to Scotland to help complete the conquest of the gaels. This increased the number of soldiers on the field but only worsened the food supply. after about a year Robert returned to his dear Scotland and the steam of conquest fizzled out and Ireland suffered yet another failed rebellion.

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