Monday, June 14, 2010

My views on writing

In high school i hated english, i thought that noone wanted to hear what i had to say and to be honest, i never thought i could write anything worth reading. The first two teachers i had for english i really enjoyed. They taught me very wel, but i still never thought i would be a good writer. I wasn't smart enough to pick out all the grammatical errors from sentences. To me this was the biggest part of writing, because i couldn't tell what good sentence structure was i figured i would fail at writing. My next teacher taught me to hate english. Most of the class was focused on reading and giving out our ideas on what we read. I remember that any idea i had about the reading was wrong in her eyes. To her, we students had to conform to what she thought the reading was. I always have problems with changing my views to fit someone elses, so this rubbed me wrong. I remeber a scene from the great gatsby in which the character was riding on a train the reading went on to describe the way the sky was grey and thick. To my teacher this was obviously a description of the dreayness of his life and other symbolism. However if you study history, you will note that during the time period the country ran on coal power, now the emmision of using coal is a heavy grey smoke. I'm not saying that she was wrong and i was right, but that in the words of frued,, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. My next teahcer i loved and still do even though i dropped out of the class. She was really cool and really insightfull about the books we read and i got on with her really well. The problems i had were more outside of class and writing papers. I had extracurricular activties from 6:30 in the morning until 5:30ish in the evening, now add a job from 6:30 PM till 10:30-11 pm and you don't get much time to put in for homework. The papers had to be approved by her before they could be turned in for a grade, i can see how this could be a good thing, however if our ideas clashed on how the writing looked, it ment that the paper would never make it to final draft. after getting an F in the class i decided to drop it. I figured after this i would never be in another English class ever again, this leads me to my first college english class. I arrived at the first day of class nervous and dreading what english had in store from me, i found myself put at ease by my instructor. I decided that semester that i was going to do the absolute best i could and give english another try. This caused me to stay down in the writing center for many a night. I was surprised to find that i received an A on my first paper in college. This made me happy and i continued to do well in the class except for some unfortunate accidents. My next class went right along with my first and i ended with yet another A. As i look back on this i wonder if it was the freedom to choose my subject that allowed me to succeed in the class, or if i really have gotten the hang of writing. One thing is for sure, i have since thought of possibly trying my hand at writing something, possibly a history book maybe.

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