Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Work is boring

Work's boring, i can only surf the net so much. I'm also having trouble finding stuff to write about. I'm still house sitting and it's ok, neighbor's have stared me down everytime i see them. This includes telling me that they can see my license plate, which i have set up on the dash so people can see it... it's all kinda weird, i feel unwelcome but it's only until saturday after that i don't have to worry. i have had a friend over everynight and i sleep with the house locked. I just don't like living in the city i guess. part of it is probly cause this is pretty much the longest i have stayed in the city at a time. usually it's a day or so, i deffinatly prefer the country, it's open and wide. Call me introverted but i don't like living in such close proximity to othre people.

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